Saturday, May 16, 2009


Garrett lost his first tooth today. It's been loose for about 3 months. When I took him to the dentist for his routine cleaning, Dr. Jarrell said she didn't see a permanent tooth in the x-ray so she felt pretty certain he had bumped his face on something and knocked the tooth loose. She also said it probably wouldn't fall out anytime soon and that when it did, it would be a blank hole for quite a while. Well, the tooth fell out much sooner than she expected and there IS something there trying to come in (or something that broke off the baby tooth, not sure), but it doesn't look right. So Monday I am going to run him into the office and have her take a look at it. Whatever that is that's in there is really skinny and very sharp. I've never seen anything quite like it before and am hoping it is nothing to be concerned about or that she has to do anything with. Garrett freaks out about this kind of stuff. It's funny, because he is a really tough kid. It takes a lot to make him cry, but the mere mention of going to the doctor or dentist literally makes his head spin and he has a major meltdown. Grrrr. In the meantime, we are just going to put that lost tooth underneath his pillow and let him be thrilled that the Toothfairy came and brought him a dollar! (our Toothfairy isn't rich so she hasn't kept up with the Joneses - lol!)
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Lydia Siegel said...

HAHA! Esteban our middle ds lost 1 the other day and the one next to his is loose. He wants his older brother Angel to punch him so it can come out. Im there with ya, our tooth fairy hasnt had much money; but its makes us feel good when he gets a dollar and he thinks he is rich! :)

.charity. said...

Yeah for the toothfairy!